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Wrap up
in Cold Weather Fashion Trends
courtesy of Metro Creative Connection

A new season gives shoppers an excuse to stock up on a new wardrobe and explore the latest fashion trends. Although many staples of cold-weather wear remain, this year there are a few surprises and concepts of which to take notice.

Luxury Drama
More drama is brought back to fashion with ornate, even baroque styles. Options from John Galliano and Viktor & Rolf are full of detail and grandeur.
Rebelling against the minimalist movement, luxe looks full of brocades and gilded fillagree turned up on runways. Definitely not for the faint of heart,
these looks scream luxury.

Caped Crusader
For those who want to channel their inner superhero or dark defender, capes and cloaks are also prime material for Fall/Winter fashions. Set traditional coats aside and wrap yourself in styles that run the gamut
from gothic to trim and tailored. Capes are easy to toss over your shoulders on crisp days and also can be belted for more protection against winter wind. Spanner’s felt animal cape from their “Wild Thing” collection keeps you cozy and comfortable in the urban jungle or near the roaring fire. The
detachable collar adds a fabulous faux fur flair.




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