LEARN DIY Turning Your Home Into a Fall Oasis

Each season and holiday brings an opportunity to celebrate daily life with a different twist. We immerse ourselves in seasonal smells, flavors, fashions, and sights as a way to pay homage to the universe for the gift of another beautiful season. Transitioning your space into a seasonal sanctuary is a charming way to bring delight into your home throughout the entire year.


Scent is one of the most powerful emotional forces we have as humans; a simple scent can trigger a vivid memory. Incorporating a festive sent may help your family and friends remember time spent at your home. When choosing a candle or diffuser, try a scent that mixes your favorite standby with a seasonal twist like apple vanilla, or “fall” into scents with names like pumpkin spice,pumpkin pie, leaves, autumn harvest and apple pumpkin.


One of the best parts of seasonal decorating is the extra lighting that it can bring into a home. Nothing evokes warmth and joy in a room like the light glowing from a Jack-O-Lantern or an extra string of lights around a doorway. Get creative! This is the time of year to turn usual into unusual, so nothing is off limits.


Fall is a time to turn ordinary into extraordinary. Replacing common everyday household items with themed items can increase your joy. Take down your normal wall fixtures and replace them with witches, pumpkins and ghosts. Find festive salt and pepper shakers and soap dispensers. Leave no stone unturned. If you’re concerned that anything you find will be too much, the answer is no!


My mom always said that a well-dressed woman buys when she sees, not when she needs. That sentiment absolutely applies to seasonal decor as well. Finding the perfect item for your home is a special experience that is not to be put off based on the date on the calendar. There is nothing wrong with buying an off season item and storing it for a year. You will be glad you did when you unpack it and place it in your home for the perfect finishing touch. In addition to being open to timing, be open to looking in different places for these items. Many places that don’t carry traditional decor carry seasonal decor. Pop into your local thrift shops, gift shops and boutiques. You never know what you will find!

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