Entertainment Art The MAI Presents Art Prize Revisited

Downtown Manistee will spring to life starting May 2. Local merchants working with the Manistee Art Institute will host an art walk based on the mind-blowing ArtPrize in Grand Rapids. Some of the artist that participated in the famous Grand Rapids event have been invited to exhibit their work in venues around downtown. There will be a wonderful variety on display and the public is invited to tour the area and view the works. As with ArtPrize, people will be asked to vote on their favorite work. At the end of the event a prize will be given to the artist that receives the most popular votes. To make it even more fun for the viewer, from all the ballots received, two names will be drawn and those people will also receive a prize.

Art Prize Revisited is very eclectic and gives viewers a wide selection of art to experience. Everything from sculpture to photography, painting to pottery, realism to abstract … a whole range of artistic and creative expression will be scattered around the town.

The opening of the event will take place on May 2 from 1-3 PM and each merchant will help with the celebration. The walk will continue on through May 17, during the merchant’s normal business hours.

This very interesting and exciting show is a great way to spend a little time experiencing this fabulous collection of art and also enjoy historic downtown Manistee.

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