HEALTH Beauty Ten Reasons to Buy Flowers for Your Own Tremendous Self

Those who give flowers are the most thoughtful, loving and sophisticated people on earth.

Because you did it!

It’s not easy being you and checking off everything on your daily to – do list. Sometimes you just don’t feel like it. You probably would’ve rather been laying on a beach somewhere sipping on a rum cocktail, but you kept at it and you did it.

Because you deserve it.

You do a lot of awesome things. What would the world look like without you? No one wants to find out. For that reason, you deserve flowers.

Because it’s an anniversary.

It’s the day you accepted your dream job, the day you ditched an unhappy relationship, the day you discovered an awesome friend. Celebrate it!

Because you don’t need to wait for somebody else to do it.

Be your number one fan. After all, you’re fabulous. You don’t have to wait for someone else to tell you that. Flowers for you!

Because sometimes you need motivation.

Life isn’t always smooth, and occasionally you need a boost. Remind yourself that you’re capable of conquering the day with a bountiful basket of beauty.

Because you didn’t do it.

You really wanted to but for the overall good and peace of the universe, you didn’t. Go buy yourself some flowers.

Because you need a hint of spring.

You deserve a break from cold, grey winter days. Uplift your day with something fresh, green and fragrant to your life. Flowers have a positive effect on emotional health.

Because the room needs a little something extra

You love your space, but there’s something missing. Add a bright bouquet for a special touch.

Because sometimes life doesn’t give you that trophy.

You worked hard! You did something incredible! You deserve a trophy! Get yourself one! Then, gift yourself a bouquet and add a celebration sash that boasts your accomplishments.

Because you know what you want.

You have a personal sense of style. You know what you like. Whether you desire a dozen roses or a mini oasis of succulents, get yourself exactly what makes you smile.

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