BUSINESS Spotlight on Business: Brenda Jo Harris from Five Star Realty

“Being a realtor is not just showing houses,” Harris says firmly. We are having coffee at a local coffee house and it is evident that her passion flows through her entire body. Her eyes sparkle and she wears a big smile but don’t underestimate her. She is only five years into the business and ranks in the top 20 of 300 agents at Five Star Real Estate Leaders, according to Jackie Root, director of growth and development for Five Star.

Harris just recently moved to Five Star Real Estate Leaders. “My brother died unexpectedly a year ago—we were very close—we talked every day. He was in real estate too and ultimately wanted us to work together. He was my mentor. After working through the grief, I knew I wanted to spread my wings. I want to be more independent. At Five Star, I have an opportunity here to grow without limitations—to brand myself,” Harris said.

Harris says she wants to be the person you think of when you think “realtor”. “I want to be the real estate expert—the one you can come to and ask questions like can I buy a home while going through a divorce or how can I improve my credit so I can buy a home,” Harris said.

Harris claims listening is one of the main reasons she has sold so many homes. “Every house has its own story and there are lots of emotions when buying or selling a house. Death, divorce, illness, financial difficulties make buying and selling a home a roller coaster ride of emotions,” Harris states. “It is important to listen—people tell you their stories—and when you listen it helps determine which homes to show them or the best way to sell their home, depending on the situation,” she adds.

“Brenda is a shining star — she has that entrepreneurial mindset and yet loves to help fellow realtors and clients,” Root said.

“I love this description I came across about being a realtor: First you are a matchmaker — matching people with the right home—and then when they find the right home for them you become the wedding planner–organizing all the details so they can make the move smoothly into their home,” Harris said.

Brenda Jo Harris is licensed in the state but covers Muskegon and Ottawa Counties in particular.

Five Star Real Estate Leaders is located at 3597 Henry St., Suite 103 in Muskegon.

You can reach Brenda at 231-733-3080 or 231-955-9222.

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