HEALTH Beauty Plant One on Me

A libation and some fresh flowers might make her swoon; your flowers will love it, too, as proven in research. The Flowerbulb Research Program at Cornell University found that feeding Paperwhite Narcissus one part Gin (other 40 percent distilled spirit) to 7 parts water helped keep them floriferous as opposed to floppy. Paperwhite Narcissus are an easy-to-grow indoor winter flower that might brighten your spirits. Now there’s a colorful potation to warm a winter evening.

In March, it will be kiss me I’m “Iris,” but in February almost any kind of flower is “scent”-uous. Valentine’s Day in mid February is the perfect time to plant one on her with the scents of flowers and foliage that we all miss since the close of summer and autumn. A gift of flowers is sure to make life more colorful, at least for a day or evening (or two).

My friend J Schwanke, author of Fun with Flowers, tells me surveys in the fresh flower industry show how men gravitate towards red roses, but women prefer peach, pink or orange roses. What do you think ladies? Let me know at Schwanke is a frequent guest on my radio show, and known nationally as a motivational florist (you can find him on I agree with him that a sweet, personal handwritten note with the flowers is a must, and I believe taking the time to make a personal and local selection from a florist for Valentine’s Day is great way to use your “two-lips” friends to say “I love you.”

Fresh cut flowers in an arrangement need fresh water, so if you’re gifted with some, make sure to change out the water in your vase frequently. In addition, be sure the stems have a fresh diagonal cut on the bottom to draw water like a straw. Water is essential to life, and your beautiful fresh flowers are no exception. Keep them out of direct sunlight and away from a heat register to keep them beautiful for as long as possible. Packets of fresh flower “food” powders are also available from your local florist with your arrangement. May the “florist” be with you.

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