BLOGS From the Editor: October 2017

Our theme “Simple Living” has some irony in it since so many of our fellow human beings recently devastated by hurricanes require the simplest needs of living—water, food, clothing and shelter. They will need assistance for a long time—please remember to give what you can. Contact local churches and nonprofits—many of them have lists of reputable organizations, including those for animals, that will welcome your generosity.

I thought about what it means to live simply. When most Americans rent storage areas because of an excess of things I imagine many of us could contemplate about getting rid of those “things”. Although we have some excellent articles on quality of living and certainly clearing space in our surroundings invites a sense of calm, I would like to imagine simple living also means embracing an attitude of inclusiveness. The sign below is posted in our yard—in fact, that sign is a common sight in many of our neighborhoods. When our mind has no room for hate, living not only is simple—it is joyful.

I never thought I would live to fear losing our democracy — but I do. I get angry and frustrated and can’t understand the outburst of hate from certain groups. How can I live a simple life when I am full of fear and anger? Well, I can’t. So when I see the sign everyday it reminds me there is no room for hate. Focus on all the good that is in this world—and there is plenty—we see it all the time in disasters. Neighbors helping neighbors — no time to ask if they are Christian or Nazis — they are people needing help.

I think of my granddaughters and their friends and the young people I have met doing theatre—all show a reverence toward the climate and accept people—as people. They do not define people by their size, color, their religion, their sexual orientation—they judge them by their character alone.

With that, I hope you enjoy this month’s edition — designed especially for you, dear reader.

“Live simply that others might simply live.”
— Elizabeth Ann Seton

From my heart to yours,

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