BLOGS From the Editor – August 2017

Being bold can be risky but I am here to tell you it is worth it. Over 20 years ago, I quit my financially secure job and moved to Minneapolis — without a job. I returned to Michigan two years later. Was I financially successful? In a word — no. But I had experiences, met people I now call friends and created memories that carry me through those rough spots in life that happen to all of us. And those experiences led me to establishing this magazine 12 years ago. I guess I can say without being bold I wouldn’t be here writing an editorial for you, dear reader.

Two years ago I had a knee replacement. Since then, I danced in Dancing with the Local Stars and just finished a juicy role in the musical “Pippin.” I hadn’t been in a musical in 54 years—and I never performed a solo. I remember the trepidation of trying out for the part—I had an ear infection, my throat was sore and I was terrified of singing in front of the others who were also there to try out. But I chose boldness because—and I know it sounds trite—life is just too short to worry about whether you make a fool of yourself. I would not trade my experience in Pippin for all the money anyone offered me. And I mean that. The cast was exuberant and fun — I met so many talented young people who will remain part of my heart always.

The best artists are bold—they go outside the boundaries of convention and make their own statement—whether it be in writing, dancing, acting, painting, music, inventing or other outlets. The most loving people are bold—they aren’t afraid to give of themselves or speak out for others when the majority stands by apathetically.

So be bold—even if it is taking baby steps like trying out a new food or taking a class on a subject you know nothing about.

Meanwhile, enjoy this month’s edition.

From my heart to yours,

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