BLOGS From the Editor: April 2017

“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs but not enough for every man’s greed.”

– Mahatma Gandhi

Finally — spring! Even though it was a mild winter, March decided to make up for the lack of cold. Truthfully, I wish we had normal winters. Winters before climate change. Winters where, when it snowed, big fluffy snowflakes dropped gently on your face and kids ran around trying to catch them on their tongue. Instead, we get sleet or no snow and the poor plants emerge too early.

April is here, though and with it the celebration of Earth Day. Although there is much to be done to make us a truly green country, I found some global news that made me realize we are succeeding in global efforts to preserve this planet.

The information comes from Amory Lovins, physicist, environmental scientist and cofounder of the Rocky Mountain Institute in Snowmass, Colorado and for nearly 40 years a leading renewable energy expert and advisor to governments and corporations.


· Gasoline consumption in the U.S. has been declining since 2007?

· The use of electricity in the U.S. has been drifting down since 2007?

· The electricity that goes to lighting takes one-seventh of global electricity consumption?

· LED lights get 30% more efficient every decade?

· The electric car market is growing 60% a year worldwide?

· In 2015 China sold more electric cars than the whole world in 2012?

· In 2010 the Empire State Building was retrofitted to save 38% energy every year

· That we have reached “decoupling” — the world economy is growing but global CO2 emissions are not?

· Countries from India and Switzerland to Norway and the Netherlands have begun drafting legislation for banning the sale of new internal combustion engine cars within the next 10 years?

This is a trend driven by innovation and technology. In other words, this is driven by business, not by government. According to Lovins, in early stages of development, governments can have a major influence with subsidy and tax policies. But once that technology reaches a certain stage, nothing stops it—the value of it is too high.

I hope that leaves you with some optimism. Oh, we definitely have a long way to go — and it will take ALL of us. Every time we drink water from a sustainable glass bottle over plastic, we help the planet. Every time we buy local—we help. Keep the dollars in our communities.

Our magazine is made with partially recycled paper and we recycle faithfully.

Enjoy this month’s edition—carefully created just for you. Breathe in that spring air — even if a little cold, and welcome the rebirth of the planet.

From my heart to yours,

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