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Before I dive into my go to outfit for the month I would like to introduce myself. My name is Meagan Kahler and I am a recent art graduate from Aquinas College Grand Rapids. I have an awesome husband named Ben who loves science and the Red Wings and we have a five month old daughter named Hayley who, so far, likes her stuffed frogs and lights up when she sees our black cat Happy.

During the week I am a computer animated designer for Solaire Medical in Spring Lake but after five o’clock I am a mom, wife, and a fashionista. As an art student I believe you can express who you are in many ways and my favorite way is through fashion. Your favorite outfit not only makes you shine but also brings out many aspects of your personality. Fashion can give you that confidence boost that allows you to achieve anything!

In my monthly column I am not only going to share some of my fashion sense but also help all you fashionistas pair, layer, and show off your special flair.

November brings cooler weather along with sugar cookies, 10 extra pounds, and family from out of town! This month you do not want to push your comfort but instead snuggle up and have warm conversations. I went on the hunt at an area Goodwill, for that “I guess I’ll have one more cookie” outfit and, as expected, they did not disappoint. This Goodwill had just pushed all their summer cloths to the back of the store and brought forward their new inventory of sweaters. My goal was to find a sweater that was loose and a little thinner since it is not freezing in November. I found this black Express sweater for $2.99. Sweaters usually cover you up but this one had a sassy swoop back. Let’s say it covered all the areas I wanted to hide during this season. It is also a thinner sweater which is much needed since you may find yourself in a hot kitchen during this turkey season!

Secondly, I wanted to find flattering bottoms that did not make me feel constricted. Especially since I’m a fan of all holiday pies! I found these wonderful grey jeggings, originally from STS Blue, for $3.99. I do love leggings but jeggings have cute pockets that make them look like real jeans. They look slightly more dressy which you want when entertaining guests. Plus, you want them to think “wow she looks great in those jeans!”, but little do they know your jeans are elastic.

We still have a few weeks before snow falls so this is a great time to wear your “booties” or boots with heels. Booties look cute with the skinny pant leg JEGGINGS have. The boots I paired with this outfit with are lace ups which remind me of the winter boots we used to see in black and white holiday movies. They also can be compared to the “duck” boot by L.L.Bean, which would also look great with this outfit in grey. My boots are from DSW but if you like the “duck” style better you can find those at your local Nordstrom Rack!

Since my sweater is thinner I layered it with my thick grey knitted scarf from Plato’s closet for $4.00. Anything knitted will keep that frosty wind away from your skin and can easily be removed if you find yourself near a fireplace. This outfit would also look great with an oversized cream knitted scarf. Right now Plato’s closet has two large bins full of scarves of all colors for a great price.

This outfit is so subtle, being black and grey, so I went for these large silver earrings and clinking silver brackets to throw a little glam into my outfit. Large round earrings are in and look great when your hair is pulled back. I found both the earrings and bracelets at Plato’s Closet for $3.00.

I pulled my hair into a tight bun because, one, unless you have short hair, scarves look and feel better with your hair up and, two, pulling my hair back made my earrings really stand out. I am always inspired by Drew Barrymore and the way she wears her loose, messy hair buns.

Visit my Instagram @ stylemeag for more of my November styles and be sure to catch our next month issue for that perfect holiday dress!

Xoxo, Meag

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