2015 was an amazing year for my family. Forever in history it will be the year our beautiful daughter, Hayley, was born and the year I married my best friend. Now I am ready to begin the new year with the family we built. Yes, the new year is all about a fresh start and all things NEW but if you’re like me you like rolling in the new year with all things lightly used and nearly-new.

In Michigan, January is one of our coldest months so I thought I would start the year by looking for a warm but fun winter coat! I took my search to Grand Haven where I ran into this cute boutique called the Purple Rose located at 232 Jackson. The owner of the boutique, Suzanne, travels all around the United States hand picking upscale resale items that she then brings back to her store and gives a second life by make them appear as new again. I mean, how cool is that! Talk about doing what you love and loving what you do… Immediately when I walked in my eyes zoomed in on this beautiful Desigual designer coat. Between the funky patterns and colors I was in fashion shock. Each unique button goes up your side and all the way up to your neck line keeping every inch of your body cozy warm. This coat is still available at her store; size small. No question ladies, you NEED this coat!

Next I wanted to find something to keep my head toasty. Purple Rose has a large selection of warm and soft fur hats to choose from and between vest, coats, and hats…fur is in! Her hats came in many sizes but I loved this big fluffy fox fur hat I found. When it comes to somethings you should just go big or go home! This hat put me in a London mind set. I felt a little regal wearing it around like “you don’t recognize me but I’m very important; coming through!” and well… this coat needed a BIG fur hat with attitude to go with it.

Winter is all about velvet shoes. Whether they are boots or being daring enough to rock a heel…it needs to be velvet this season! I found these adorable black velvet shoes by Qupid for $27.00. A great velvet pump always looks fabulous with those warm and colorful tights you’ll need to wear this winter! Unlike many other resale stores, Purple Rose has a large selection of cute shoes that are in new condition. That is a rare find and just another reason to fall in love with Suzanne’s boutique.

Lastly, I needed a unique purse to go with this fun and funky winter outfit! I spotted this little tiny item that look similar to an animal resting on a table near me. I picked it up to find it was this adorable feathered purse hanging from a chic gold chain. It was the perfect little cocktail purse. Any accessory with a little texture is always a great fashion choice. As I walked, I swung the purse back and forth. The feathers blew in the cold breeze giving this cute little purse a life of its own. How many purses can you say that about? All those purses are currently living at Purple Rose Boutique waiting for your arm to hang on!

The only way to stay fashionable during these cold winter months is to have unique and fun outerwear! Purple Rose Boutique has all that you need to stay warm and fabulous this season. Start the new year off right by not breaking the bank and giving lightly used clothing a new life! For more of my lightly used outfits check out my blog at and email me at

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