HEALTH Beauty Fashion with Meagan – Dec 2015

Tis the season for glistening golds and scarlet reds. Oh, my favorite! Now that Christmas is near, our agendas are growing and our weekends are booking out due to last minute shopping, family get togethers and work parties. Holiday parties are the best places to show off that gold glittery top or red dress that has been sitting in your closet. This is the one season that you can get away with wearing all those vibrate reds you own. I encourage you to take advantage.

For that holiday dress at the right price, I went to our local Plato’s Closet. They have so many fun dresses in silver and gold which are perfect for this season. Between these two fabulous colors, I found this rich black and red dogtooth print dress by Xhilaration for $6.00. Dogtooth is such a fun print if worn the right way and is refreshing since you do not see much of it. If you are a fan of darker tones, such as black, this is a perfect holiday color combination for you.

To decorate myself, I found this Taramanda necklace at Goodwill for $3.95. Our local Goodwill carries this brand so you do not have to go on the hunt. Taramanda necklaces can be found in their jewelry section at any time of the year. The necklace I am wearing is that bright Christmas red but also has a hint of teal. It is a fabulous idea to add a hint of another color to your outfit when you are wearing a lot of one color. In fact, teal bracelets would look great with this outfit.

You never want to bring a large purse to a holiday party. You are already carrying presents and sugar cookies so there is no shame in lessening the weight on your shoulders. A small wallet or wristlet is best for this time of year. I found this cheetah print wallet at our local Goodwill store for $2.99. Cheetah print and red look great together. The sequins on the wallet add that glitter I was looking for. A sequined or gold wallet is a great way to add that Christmas sparkle to your holiday look.

I wore my black Hue tights with this outfit and a pair of calf black velvet boots. Velvet boots have a softer appeal than leather which makes them look dressier. They are the appropriate choice when wearing boots to a holiday party. They are not meant to be worn out in the snow though, so be cautious of the road salt that will find its way onto your shoes. You can find velvet boots at many of our local stores right now, including Purple Rose Boutique in Grand Haven. She has a wide selection of holiday boots that will make your co-workers stare with shoe envy.

As for my hair, I went with a loose chignon. It is a ponytail tucked to make a loose bun. I found it on Pinterest, a website with ideas and tutorials. I am hair-helpless so I will take anything easy when it comes to hair. I curled a piece of my bang and let it lay to the side of my face for a soft look. This Christmas season you want to look sweet and sophisticated.

Women in Michigan know better than most the tragedy of pale, dull skin in these winter months so it is our duty to awaken our faces. Bright red lips and brown toned eye shadows add warmth to our faces during this time of year. The red lipstick really pops against your red or gold holiday dress also. Red lipstick is a much- needed accessory during the holidays. Put it in your new glittery wallet and keep it there just in case. Muah!

Once you have put together your perfect holiday party outfit it is time to go shopping for those special people in your life or your secret Santa pick. Since women come in all different shapes and sizes the best gifts this season are accessories. A plaid scarf, jewelry, a glittery wallet, or even fun lip color are great gifts that every woman will love. It will be the cherry on top of your Christmas season to see someone shine when she wears the fun accessory you picked just for her. Check out the rest of my December looks on Instagram @ stylemeag, check out my blog at and email me for any of your holiday shopping questions at Merry Christmas everyone.

Xoxo, Meag

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