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Bluewater Wellness: A systems-oriented approach to heal the body, mind and spirit.

We are proud to introduce Deirdre Kohley, RPh and Ramona Wallace, DO, two souls crossing paths at the perfect moment, dreaming of bringing functional medicine to our corner of the world and drawing on their love for our community. Bluewater Wellness is the culmination of their dreams of a holistic approach to wellness.

Expect to feel joyful, alive and vibrant when you partner with these health care professionals, who use a systems-oriented approach to heal your body, mind and spirit. Using the buzz word multi-passionate is an apt description of these two as they get ready to embrace those who are ready to jump into biohacking their way to vitality.

While we know that health is more than the absence of disease and that symptoms are the clues that there is an underlying problem in the body’s innate ability to function as nature intended, the path to achieve wellness has been hijacked in the current interventional traditional medicine approach.

Functional medicine is about the structure and function of the body and is the main impetus around Bluewater Wellness incorporating multidisciplinary practitioners to help you create a path to optimal health. They look at lifestyle, diet, genetics, personal history, environment as well as interpersonal relationships to ferret out the root causes of problems and then coach you on your journey. By using information about the underlying process that leads to your illness and specific lab testing, your unique plan is created and co-managed by you and your health coach.

Dee is a member of A4M (the American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine) and has been focusing on Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, health coaching, and the role nutrition as well as what other lifestyle choices plays in an individual’s overall health concerns or chronic disease state. She began as a hospital pharmacist, moved on to manage retail pharmacies in the area and is currently a consultant pharmacist at Watkins Pharmacy and Surgical Supply.

Ramona is a member of The Institute of Functional Medicine and is board certified in Family Practice Medicine. She has been a practicing physician since 1993 and is presently the Medical Director at Muskegon Family Care. Dr. Wallace has published on childhood obesity and supports several local programs to increase community access to healthy food and activities. She has been instrumental in raising awareness about the importance of oral health by partnering with the U of M Dentistry outreach program. She is deeply committed to supporting the research proving the correlation between early childhood trauma and extensive future health risk.

The dream of serving the community by changing the fee-for-service model of health care to a uniquely tailored plan for each individual is merely a beginning for Bluewater Wellness. Eventually, group visits and a membership based practice will be offered to decrease costs and provide the support that many people with chronic conditions need to thrive while healing.

To perpetuate the “dream on” version of their excitement, bimonthly educational seminars based on the four most influential aspects in health care improvement are scheduled for this fall and winter. Food based instruction about shopping, cooking and eating that has been a neglected part of the health care equation, will be offered as well.

Bluewater is excited to have two additional partners. Werner Absenger PhD, MSc, a mind-body medicine research scientist, who uses guided imagery, meditation, a mindful eating program, yoga, and hypnosis to assist people with chronic diseases, will offer classes and private instruction. David Wallace, L.AC., Dipl. O.M. will provide acupuncture & Chinese Medicine consultation to marry their western and eastern medicine philosophies. Having hope for a healthy future for our community, two women shared a vision over coffee one afternoon last winter and are open to all who are willing to participate in partnering with them in their path to wellness.

You are invited to learn more about the seminar offered on Monday, September 12 at 6:30 p.m. by calling Bluewater Wellness at 231-730-5211. The office is located at 17212 Van Wagoner Road in Spring Lake. Visit the website for more information about this exciting new practice at You can also find us on Facebook — Bluewater Wellness.

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