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Don’t glaze over just yet, because you have the opportunity to learn how you can live your life in a way that brings you optimal health and vitality.

One year ago, Dr. Ramona Wallace and I joined forces to create Bluewater Wellness. It is a place to come to learn about what is causing you to feel sick, tired, and depressed, to create a path to regain your health, and better yet, to have the guidance and accountability to implement a plan to feel your absolute best.

What Dr. Wallace and I set out to bring to our area is called functional medicine. It asks the how and why you are ill. We decided to promote the process of a membership model of health care, where community involvement is what moves the needle toward a radical change in how you view your own health. It has truly been a phenomenal year promoting research and education in nutrition and lifestyle management as we continue to learn from the Institute for Functional Medicine and A4M. This innovative approach to healthcare made a significant difference in those who have made a commitment to themselves to do whatever it takes to change the trajectory of their specific problem and their overall wellness.

I want to share one quote from our Facebook page and one from our brochure:

“I have been a part of Blue Water Wellness for 3 months now and haven’t felt this well in over 15 years.”
– Barb

“I feel vibrant and energized and no longer take half the meds that were prescribed to me before”
– Jerry

I shared them to introduce two people who have done amazing work around figuring out the root cause of their symptoms and diving in to make the changes necessary to get their mind, body and spirit in alignment.

We have been introduced to many professors, authors, and health care professionals who have influenced how we design programs. We can readily find examples of evidence based research and be able to bring that research to our members to make a significant impact in their decisions around change.

I recently listened to Ph.D researcher at Stanford University, Lucia Aronica in an interview about the current study of the comparison of a low carbohydrate vs low fat diet and how your food choice affects gene expression (epigenetics). It’s a more in depth study than the A to Z diet (Atkins to Zone) that determined we need fat to thrive and so did our ancestors. We are what we eat, digest and absorb and what our parents and grandparents did as well. We get to that information here at Bluewater Wellnes as it is the epitome of personalized medicine.

Usually when we think of genetics, we think “I have bad genes and therefore I am fat and sick”. Instead, what if by learning about your genetic profile, incorporating new lifestyle choices and being coached to implement a plan specifically for you, you could turn on the good genes while turning off the bad genes. By focusing on that which is under your control, you can make a lasting change in how you show up in the world. Dr. Aronica goes on to say that they have identified ninety-five genetic variants that are associated with the predisposition to become obese, but only 2% explain the propensity toward extreme weight gain. Lifestyle makes up the rest. Great news! If your weight is your primary motivator for change, we can show you how to get control once you learn what will create your path to be well.

After spending a lifetime in pharmacy, I can attest to the fact that there are medications prescribed in the correct dose, given by the correct route at the correct time to the right person (genetically) that can be life altering. I can also lament the fact that over-prescribing is rampant and the ramifications of it can be worse than the conditions treated.

After spending her lifetime in traditional medicine, Dr. Wallace emphatically speaks about another way to treat chronically ill patients. I invite you to come to hear her current and important information that you can use every day to make a decision to eat, sleep, think, move and supplement for your most vibrant long and happy life.

Deidre (Dee) Kohley, Rph, works at Watkins Pharmacy, is a graduate of Ferris University and has lived all her life in Muskegon. She continues to find ways to reach women who genuinely want to get well or live an optimal life. Dee loves digging into research to find new ways to help people. She is married and has seven children and nine grandchildren who keep her busy. She loves the beach and spending time outside enjoying the seasons. You can contact her by going to her website or

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