LIFE Children A Daughter’s Moving Poetic Tribute To Her Father

Gaby (pronounced like Gabby) Saenz is the daughter of Dr. Adelita Saenz and the late Joseph Saenz and the sister of Ana. Joe Saenz was diagnosed in October with a rare cancer and died in January. He was a social worker who especially enjoyed working with teens and children. “If you had a problem, he would understand and know exactly what to say—no judgment—and he would help you find a solution”. said Gaby “He made you feel important,” she added. Gaby is a junior at North Muskegon High School and plans to become a pediatrician. The poem evolved after listening to some of her favorite music—Gaby likes classical music. As she says, “Listening to certain music, I became full of emotion and the words just followed.”


By Gaby Saenz

I don’t know what this is, I don’t
know what to say.
All I know is that I was wrong.
Something wasn’t right that day.

The day was strongly shining,
The air was no near thick.
Everyone was smiling,
But I was worse than sick.

There was a pain that I could feel,
But still I did not cry.
Little did I know that pain just might
make me die

Constant help is always coming.
I know I can’t give up.
But how can I help it,
I can’t even lift one little cup.

Two girls walk in and hold me tight
They think I’m doing fine.
But little do my two girls know,
That it is almost time.

One sits and reads and holds my hand,
The other is in the room.
I want to talk but can’t
This is worse than doom.

I pack up my courage and pray for strength
and say some simple words,
I want my babies near me,
My sweet, angelic little birds.

They give me kisses and give me hugs
I even make them smile.
I only hope that there is still time,
I’ve only got awhile.
One leaves and goes to school,
Shouting to me “I love you”
The other stays and waits
I’ll never see my love again
She will get home too late.

I close my eyes and see my life,
A collage of me and God.
I see the highlights of my life,
My girls, my family, my wife.

Before I go
I would like to have one last cup of Joe
With all my friends and family.
Of course there will be some tea
Since some do not like coffee.

It would not matter much to me
Whether you choose tea or coffee
What matters is my love for them all
And how this life is oh so small.

I stand there at a game
Feeling something change
Something in me was leaving or trying
Minutes later there is crying
And then some damn ol’ grief.

I was wrong in what I said
I still feel really bad
I only wish that it were true
I only know that it’s not true.

Faith is hard to keep some days
Since God took you away
I question if you are still there
I stop, sit and stare.

My courage grows on stronger
And faith is really deep
But still on bright and sunny days
All I do is weep.

I’ll do it.
I will live,
But only just for you
I’ll never let you go
Only let my love grow.

I stand up on an empty stage
I try to sing my tune
But all I get from myself
Are tears, cuts and wounds.

I’m getting a little older
I’m flying out of the nest
I only hope that peace
Is the only worry in your rest.

So long, farewell
I’ll never say goodbye
Because someday I’ll see you
High above the sky

So here’s to you, my daddy
I think only so
I cherish the memory of my dad
As I drink one last cup of Joe.

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